Welcome to the Expat Money Guide, where you´ll find everything you need to know about how to get ahead and use your expatriate advantage using offshore and onshore investment strategies. Top tax tips, how to structure your finances and much, much more.

Compiled with the help of industry experts you get the insiders knowledge, the chance to ask an expert and in-valuable advice to avoid making the banks rich and get ahead financially while living overseas. Statistics show that 5.5 million British nationals have decided to leave our home country permanently to move to foreign shores, whether it is to work, to live or to retire.

An additional half a million people have decided to spend at least part of the year away from their home country. These are impressive numbers, and with over 2 million of us considering relocation each year these figures are set to increase.

In response to these ever growing numbers, we have produced what some people have called the “Expat Financial Bible”! Everything you need to know about maximising your financial situation while living overseas.