Where to Find Expat Financial Advice

Whether you want to determine which banking options best suit you, or you have queries relating to your short or long term savings and investing options, you need to know where to find qualified and experienced assistance. One of the things that expatriates most commonly worry about once they have moved abroad is that they have lost touch with their support network, and that they are unfamiliar with ‘how things work’ in their new nation. When you relocate you have to build new networks of friends and associates, and you have to learn how everything operates in your new country. This is what makes a place feel so unfamiliar initially. But rest assured you are not alone, and when it comes to finding qualified, independent, international and experienced advice to assist you, there are several ways of going about it, and we are more than happy to help pass on our experience to our valued readers.

One financial solution that suits your friend may not necessarily suit you – because we are all unique and have individual goals and personal objectives and challenges. Therefore, if you do take the advice of an associate or friend and contact a given adviser, make sure the adviser in question has as international a perspective as you do!

If you prefer to speak in confidence about any questions that you have, any elements of your financial life that you would like to get organised, or you would like to learn more from those really in the know, you can get in touch with us at Expat Money Guide. We’ve already covered ‘getting the right help right from the start’ in chapter six, but we’d like to add that not only is the author of this guide happy to pass on his knowledge, but that if required we are more than happy to call on the advisers who have helped oversee the creation of this publication. It is our aim to assist all of our readers with any financially related queries that they may have.

We are solely geared to helping the expatriate – we understand your unique challenges and we also appreciate the unique opportunities that you have thanks to your international status! All of the advisers we work with are qualified, all are independent and all have up to date access to the solutions and services that you need. We serve as a central advice network for our readers. What´s more, because of the international nature of the advisers we work with, no matter where you go in the world next, they will remain your point of contact for all your financial needs. Simply get in touch with us today, outline tour basic query and allow is to put you in contact with the best people to assist you.




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