Shanghai and Singapore investment rises as Osaka and Manilas fall


Singapore and Shanghai real estate investment markets have been nominated as the most popular in Asia were classified as Osaka and Manila as the least attractive of an investigation by industry worldwide nonprofit Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Singapore economic growth and intense activity in the financial sector and high-tech city-state forward in the first place, while Shanghai, Bombay and Hong Kong were the next favorite.

Abandonment of a job because of soaring property prices, depreciation of the investor interest has dropped in Shanghai is the second poll this year. Fourth place in Hong Kong is probably due to cooling of the government after the poll was conducted the survey said the leaders were introduced affected. “Housing does not drive the market,” Stephen Blank, a researcher at the Urban Land Institute, told Reuters.

Although Asian governments are likely to introduce further cooling measures, the strength of their national economy, the main driver of investment decisions, particularly in commercial real estate.

Based on the survey that looked at 20 cities in Asia, investors will be attributed, at least to feel like investing in Bangkok, Auckland, Osaka and Manila on factors such as congestion and office rents trade stagnated.

The survey is based on responses from more than 280 real estate professionals, including investors and developers, company officials and real estate broker’s base.