How much will this cost me to rent out my Phuket Property?

This will depend on the type of management you ask us to perform, the size of your property, and any special requirements.

LPT Phuket Property Management offers a range of services basic cleaning service to a comprehensive letting and maintenance service.

i. Our basic cleaning service.
This provides you with a maid cleaning service on a regular basis ensuring that your property is kept clean, neat and tidy for your return. As the owner wishes, windows can be opened or air-conditioners switched on during the cleaning periods to keep your property and belongings properly aired and mould-free.

ii. Our cleaning AND maintenance service.
In addition to the cleaning with our basic service, we will also regularly inspect your property, report to you any maintenance or repairs required and on your instruction arrange for the work to be done by our own maintenance staff, or competent workmen at competitive prices. We oversee any work to completion. We will also, on your instruction arrange for regular pest control treatment and periodic air-conditioner service.

If you are not always readily contactable then we can also undertake emergency repairs which may be necessary to a maximum cost which you will be asked to specify.

For absentee owners who wish to keep their properties vacant, available for their own use, and in tip-top condition inside and out then this is the perfect solution to worry free property ownership.

iii. Rental and Management Service.
This is divided into two categories. For Long Term tenancies and Short Term holiday lettings.

Long Term Tenancies
We also recommend that you make use of our basic cleaning service unless your tenant makes arrangements which are acceptable to you.

Short Term Holiday Lettings
We strongly recommend that you use our cleaning service (a maid service can be provided daily during periods when your property is occupied) and we do suggest that you make use of our cleaning & maintenance service. A bed linen and towel laundry service is available whilst the property is occupied by paying guests. Airport transfers and other services can be provided for your holiday guests.

For both of these services we advertise in various forums in order to find suitable tenants for you. This cost is included in our fees.




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