Many are investment and banking professionals attracted by our unique online offerings, and the skilled guidance and support provided by our multinational teams.

The Expat Wealth Group has registered offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Mauritius and Singapore

Our corporate growth is driven by strong performance. The offshore investment portal was launched in 2004, immediately establishing itself as one of the world’s leading online platforms for offshore investing.

Only a very small amount of people in the world have the time and regiment to manage their own financial affairs.

We find that 9 times out of 10 we are able to improve our clients financial situation.

The choices of how to manage and invest your money are practically endless; in the United States alone there are roughly 7,500 stocks and 8, 000 mutual funds.

Creating the right portfolio is an extremely daunting task even for the most savvy of investors, so choosing the right IFA is the key.

We believe that life is already full of so many difficult choices and having to worry everyday about money should not be one of them.

Many people’s lives are so busy they don’t have time to plan their financial future. Our services give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that they are on track to achieve their financial goals.

If you have a requirement, or would simply like some impartial and professional advice with regard to regular savings plans, pensions, school fees planning, lump-sum investments, the offshore tax-wrapping of shares, access to specific offshore funds, life assurance, critical illness cover, or the establishment of a tax-efficient managed investment portfolio, then we can certainly help you. To find out about Expat Wealth please complete the Enquiry form and a Professional Advisor will be contacting you shortly.