Help for foreigners buying real estate in Asia

For any foreigner planning to purchase a property in Asia, it can be quite an complex process with various legal issues, tax regulations and government papers to complete, our team of highly qualified Asia real estate consultants can help you every step of the way.

The Asia real estate market is huge and there are lots of property to chose from depending on your investment requirements, everything from entry level investment apartments to extremely high class and luxury villas in some of the most exotic and desired locations in Asia.

Rental yields and capital gains vary widely across Asia, we advise you to talk with one of our experienced investment consultants who can advise you on the most suitable location in Asia for your investment.

Asia Oasis real estate advisors can assist you with obtaining the vital information required for your property purchase in Asia, we have facilitated 1000’s of transactions across Asia for clients that have either relocated to Asia, purchased property in Asia for business and commercial usage and most commonly purchasing property in Asia for investment purposes.

We help to ensure that our clients meet their investment objectives in Asia, to do this we must continuously research the markets across Asia, seeking out the best deals and investment properties for our clients.

Finding the property or investment in Asia you want is one thing, but then getting the finance is another, we will assist you in the process of obtaining finance on your Asia real estate investment by leveraging our relationships with leading banks in Asia, we will negotiate loans, interest rates and other finance conditions on your behalf, not forgetting to ensure you are meeting all tax and accounting regulations in the country of your new real estate investment.

Finally the property or investment is in your hands, you need someone who can manage and take care of this investment so that it performs, Asia Oasis will manage your property in Asia, providing a full service property management service which includes, decoration and landscaping, tenant search, property maintenance, insurance, valuations and on site security.

The economic crisis of 2009 caused buyer sentiment in property markets such as the USA and UK to fall, however investing in property in Asia has become an more attractive option to investors. Especially with the China Real Estate Boom, foreign investors are doing all they can to beat restrictions in Asia that could provide opportunities with much stronger returns on property investments.




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