Hangzhou Villas for Sale @ Lin’an Qingshan Lake


Lin’an Qingshan Lake Plot, an hours drive from Hangzhou via the Hanghui Expressway, features a galaxy of luxury villas averaging US$3 million. Including Myisland, Jintian Island and Qingshan Lake Rose Garden.

Myisland comprises a separate spa island, a boutique hotel and a yacht marina and the first phase includes Tuscan and Mediterranean-style villas on the lake with a price tag of US$1,225,000. Zhang Farong, Director and President of Joyon Real Estate, comments: “In the beginning, we planned to design modern villas. But it occurred to us that too many modern villas would spoil the forest scenery, and perhaps we should consider building in this style on hillside woodland instead.

Chun’an Qindao Lake, a two-hour drive from Hangzhou via the Hangqian Expressway, is also home to various villa projects. Daqi Mountain Castle, The Sanctuary, Qiaodao Lake Rose Garden and Qindao Yacht Villa are all priced over US$1,500,000. Hangzhou’s beautiful surrounding environment is ideal for villa projects, but a living atmosphere also has to be created.
“Hangzhou people have been profound respect for beauty,” say Tiger Chan, general manager of Power Union Property Consultancy. “With the rapid speed of development. Big cities are losing their true features, but in Hangzhou, people always talk about development from the perspective of sustainability rather than bold and drastic reforms. For example the site near West Lake obtained by Kerry Properties Ltd in 2006 and the plot in central Hangzhou’s Wulin CBD area have both been created carefully planned.

According to the report from Colliers International, sales volumes in Hangzhou are projected to drop by 30 per cent in 2011 in response to the policies issued by the central government. However, in the long run, demand for residences is expected to increase as the economy develops, infrastructure improves and urbanisation increases. “Once the policies become less tight, we could see another boom in the luxury market.