Expat Wealth Management Services

Our expertise in portfolio construction and consulting, as well as its comprehensive database of hedge funds, enables it to provide consistent alternative investment performance with relatively low risk and volatility.

Expat Due diligence review

Proper due diligence is vital to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a hedge fund and its manager. However, this can be a difficult and time consuming process. Clients may elect to leverage our expertise by having the firm conduct its full due diligence process on a manager of interest. This review culminates in a document delivered to the client outlining our investment recommendation.

Expat Risk management oversight

We believe that risk management is important to the success of any portfolio of investments and it is absolutely critical when working with alternative investments. The risk management team will perform initial and ongoing risk management oversight for client portfolios. This includes working with each fund manager to establish risk factor exposures and monitoring these statistics each month. In addition, the team creates a portfolio risk profile, which is analyzed and monitored periodically.

Expat Performance measurement

We are well known for the depth and reliability of its hedge fund indices, which investors use to measure the performance of managers against their peers and the broader market indices. Our indices cover not only the performance of the entire hedge fund universe, but individual strategies as well. We leverage our indices and database to create a comprehensive performance measurement report which includes both absolute statistics on a fund as well as its relative performance versus the fund’s peer universe.

Expat Manager allocation

For clients who wish to invest in individual hedge fund managers or create their own hedge fund portfolio, We selects funds from the firm’s database that meet the client’s risk tolerance and desired return profile. We perform our due diligence processes to ensure that the hedge fund managers meet the appropriate criteria. Following investment, We provide fund performance reporting, ongoing risk management and reallocation advice.

Expat Customized portfolio construction

Many clients have different circumstances and needs outside of those covered by our existing products and therefore request a customized portfolio. We use our broad proprietary database and portfolio construction experience to custom-design hedge fund portfolios. Each customized portfolio begins with an in-depth meeting with the client to determine risk-adjusted targets for the portfolio.

The client may choose whether the portfolio will target either an absolute return or performance relative to a selected benchmark. The risk tolerance of the portfolio will also be set.

We then use a quantitative portfolio construction process with a qualitative overlay to select the appropriate mix of strategies and managers for the portfolio. Finally, frequent communication with the client remains informed of the portfolio’s performance and understands any changes that we may recommend.