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Expat Investment Solutions, Funds and Structured products

Client solutions

Our goal is to provide flexible asset management solutions that meet its clients’ objectives. Vantage hedge is experienced in providing unique solutions to clients’ investment needs. Each of these solutions incorporates extensive due diligence and risk management capabilities with a disciplined investment process.

Enhanced index funds

For clients who want the investment return profile for the overall hedge fund asset class or for its two primary sub sectors, (Market Neutral Arbitrage, Equity Long/Short) we offer investable index funds.

The three fund of funds are designed to track the different Indices at the strategy level and use a proprietary overlay to enhance the fund’s return with the goal of outperforming the index after fees.

Branded funds of funds

Our funds of funds offer a turn key hedge fund investing solution to individuals, institutional investors and financial advisors. Funds of funds give clients the benefits of immediate diversification and access to hedge fund managers that may not otherwise be available. Each of our funds of funds is structured with a different reward/risk mandate, so clients may choose the fund that is most suitable to their investment objectives.

Private label funds of funds

We have extensive experience in creating private label hedge fund products to fit the exact needs of the sponsoring institution. Banks, insurance and investment companies can leverage our expertise to offer their clients and their distribution channels a competitive fund of funds, thereby expanding the institution’s product line and increasing its number of revenue streams.

Registered and listed funds of funds

We are constantly searching for ways to add value to its hedge fund-based products. Listing products on a globally-recognized exchange can enhance visibility and create a secondary market.

Separately managed accounts

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) offer clients unique access to the operation of their hedge fund portfolios. These accounts are ideal for clients who value high levels of transparency in their portfolio. All managers included in a client’s SMA must agree to report daily positions for third-party valuation verification. This extra transparency commitment allows the client to receive a daily valuation of the entire portfolio, as well as the typical monthly performance reports.

Structured products

Our experience with structuring hedge fund products makes it a solid choice for specialized fund construction.

Principal Protected Products can be structured in many ways to offer investors the peace of mind that they will receive a pre-determined minimum return on their investment.

Leveraged Return Products allow investors to multiply return opportunities of low volatility portfolios.

Private Placement Variable Life Insurance Products are designed to give insurance providers and policy holders more flexibility when choosing investments for their life insurance policies.

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