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Expat Hedge Fund Jobs in Asia

Being involved in the financial field or having recently graduated college in this industry, you will want to secure a expatriate position with hedge fund job. You must know that many individuals are aiming towards this field of activity once they have interest in financial jobs.

There are for instance, the top expat hedge finds jobs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo which are very much yearned by newly college grads, this fact revealing the competition that you are against to. More than this, you will have to compete against the most brilliant financial minds that are targeting at least to the opportunity of being interviewed for this position.

One other thing that should be brought to your attention is that more than 5,000 hedge funds across Asia come in a variety of specialties and sizes. Out of this amount, 100 seem to be the most targeted by a considerably large amount of job applicants.

One area that reveals itself as the highly competitive one comes in the junior analyst positions. There are as well thousands of other small hedge funds that are not that easy to locate because they are not interested in showing their opportunities. But in case some of these low profile hedge funds are revealed to you, then you should aim towards them as you can become quite a good candidate for one of their job positions.

Hereunder we will describe some methods that help you obtain an interview with a hedge fund:

* Having personal connection. It might seem unfair that the opportunity for an interview can be limited to this method, but having someone from your family managing a fund is the luckiest version that one can get hold of. Even if this person is a close friend to your family you still have the chance to ask for obtaining an interview so long as a your resume won’t be enough. Try also with the online networking visiting sites such as LinkedIn as you can never know what might pop up in front of your eyes.

* Check with expat financial recruiters. Many of the hedge funds (especially the larger ones) are not happy with posting these positions within job classifieds but they prefer relying on financial recruiting agencies. These agencies are better to be approached by those candidates who have years of experience that can be detailed within a rich resume. If you do not have enough experience you might have the unpleasant surprise to find your place at the bottom of the list of potential candidates.

* Resorting to direct contact. This is an approach that many hedge fund job seekers overlook to often. While it is true that these funds have less than 10 employees therefore no need for having a human resources person, you can still send a cover letter and your resume to the MD or CEO.

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