Centrium Residence Beijing – China

In 2011 Centrium residence introduces the concept of “Boutique Lifestyle” to Beijing, uniting high-end private residential development with the creative “boutique” spirit. Luxury residences boasting originality, innovative artistic design, customisation, modern aesthetics and a unique personality usher in a new age of living in Beijing.
Boutique living means originality, a chance for cutting-edge designers to experiment and express themselves. Forward-looking artistic quality is stressed: avant-garde artistic tastes are incorporated into the residences, making them timeless collections. Luxury customisation is also an attribute of boutique living, with luxury craftsmanship and exclusive materials allowing individual expression.

Innovative artistic quality is essential to boutique living, elevating residences to a higher aesthetic level, Boutique living also entails the highest levels of luxury and creative thinking. It’s popular among high-net-worth individuals, and symbolises a status-filled lifestyle. Boutique living means a demand for a prestigious location. Centrium residence is conveniently located between Beijing’s Central Business District, Sanlitun Embassy Area, Lufthansa International Area and Central Park. Vast resources and a luxurious flair make the plot ideal for high-end residential living.




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