Asia Spa Treatment Resort Etiquette.

Don’t let the bashfulness get in the way of your good treatment. Its the norm to disrobe for massage and body treatments, and your therapist is trained to protect your modesty by draping your body with towel, only exposing they part they are working on. If you prefer, you can leave on your own underwear, or ask for disposable.

Many full body treatments include your bottom and breast area. The french even pay attention to the breast area during facials as they see it simply as an extension of the face and neck.

In Germany, France, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, people tend to go Au Naturel, and you’re much more likely to get a male therapist. Even the steam rooms are mixed, with everyone stark-naked, although retiring types can slip into a swimsuit.

If yo feel uncomfortable about having a male therapist, ask who will be doing it when you book; its its a man, tell them you’d prefer a woman. British and American spas tend to be more modest, while therapists in the Far East usually work on the same sex. (or make it very clear otherwise).

Dressing and Undressing
The dress code outside treatment rooms varies from spa to spa. Destination spas are very informal with pople drifting around in towelling robes all day, even for dinner. Check with individual spas about their dress code for evenings, as some do expect you to dress for dinner. In hotels and resort spas, where you’re mixing with ‘clothed’ people, you need to dress for meals and ‘out of spa’ areas.

Spa Manners

  • Arrive early for your class or treatment. About 30 minutes in advance is recommended.
  • Turn off your mobile pone, in any spa it’s a cardinal sin to have your phone ring.
  • Keep your voice down. Spas are places where people go for a bit of peace and quiet. Hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms are also places to unwind and relax, so keep conversations with your best friend down. Respect other people’s needs. You may want to start talking to the person lounging next to you but if they’re not being particularly responsive to your conversational gambits, let them be.
  • Complaining about a treatment after it’s finished is like moaning about a bad meal when the waiter comes to clear your plate. Therapists aren’t telepathic, so it’s up to you to communicate your needs, If you’d rather not listen to music, tell them; if you’re uncomfortable with the pressure during a massage, say so.
  • Always shower before a treatment / sauna / steam or Jacuzzi.

There’s no pressure to tip. You can add 10% if you want to but a smile replacing a frown and verbal thanks is usually enough.

It’s imperative to book treatments in advance, especially if you are going somewhere for a few days. Don’t leave it until you arrive, as by that time your favourite therapies may well be booked up.




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