‘Expatriate Workers’ are generally speaking, either Senior Management or highly specialised staff. They are usually command high pay for which they must carry an extremely heavy workload and rarely have time to deal with any issues outside of their work. For this reason, they rarely have time to exploit the opportunity given to them by the income and ‘tax breaks’ available to people working away from home.

‘ExpatWealth’ was set up for the benefit of Professionals working overseas on short, medium and long term contracts. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect a plumber to be able to perform heart surgery, it is not unreasonable to make the assumption that most Expats will not have a wide knowledge of Finance, Accountancy and Investments.

For this reason ‘ExpatWealth’ has put together a range of services that allows the unsophisticated Investor to be able to Capitalise on these important high earning years in foreign climes. Whether it be simple savings plan for future use or a sophisticated Personal Portfolio Bond that will allow the owner to hold all manner of assets in a safe and confidential environment.

One area that we at ‘ExpatWealth’ also put a very high priority on is the Personal Protection Products. Having adequate Health and Life Cover when working in a foreign country, is something that all Expatriates should have high up on their list. To help with this important area we have a wide range of products that are available at very reasonable rates.

Our aim at ‘ExpatWealth’ is to ease the burden on the overworked Expatriate in managing their complex financial affairs. To give expert advice, top flight account management at reasonable rates, discounted protection products and a reporting system second to none.