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21’st Century Lifestyles in Asia

The adage that a man’s home is his castle rings more truly today that ever before. Yet as our perception of luxury evolves, so too does our home. Today’s residences seamlessly incorporate a wealth of concepts that may seem like trends, but upon closer inspection are actually mirroring how we live, work and play. Developers, architects, interior designers, landscape specialists and other consultants are responding to their clients’ demands with innovative solutions that are increasingly more bespoke. Here are just some of the themes we are seeing across all the best homes in Asia.

1) Glass Rooms, Windows and Walls.
Glass is an amazing tool not only for letting in light and views, but also for making an architectural impact, Contemporary homes are going the way of skyscrapers, as structural components move to a building’s skeletal core.

Advances in technology allow full height doors and windows to filter out harmful UV rays, heat and unwanted noises.

2) Open Plan Living in Asia
A fluid open plan with flexible spaces has turned living rooms into super-sized heavens. “its an immediate wow factor” says Hong Kong interior designer Monique McLintock. Sliding doors help to patrician off spaces as required, while show kitchens with bar counters encourage family interaction over casual meals with a great deal of lounging.

3) The Mens Room and Boys Toys
The men’s den is an exclusive enclave where guys can indulge. Wii and other favourite games, big screens for sports, pool tables, cigar and Scotch bars, and a host of distinctly masculine pursuits are grouped together – men simply close the door and enjoy themselves. “They call it an oasis away from the chaos of life” notes McLintock.

4) Wine Rooms for the experienced drinker.
Customized wine cellars are hot, and they are beginning to take up entire rooms instead of just a fridge unit. “As more people become experienced wine drinkers and collectors, designated rooms are more common, says Winston Lam, Founder of Kitchens + Interiors in Hong Kong. “Glass separations now allow you to see into the wine cellar”

5) Home Cinema Living
The home cinema complete with 65-inch televisions showcasing the latest in 3D and HD technology, is a must for quality family time, Not only are high quality speakers and amplifiers park of the package, but also how the room is outfitted acoustically. “Sound-absorbing materials on walls, ceilings and floors will improve the experience.” Says Lam.

6) The Serious Chef’s Kitchen
Along with the show kitchen, homebuyers are opting for a second more inconspicuous space where all the heavy lifting is done. Chinese cooking, in particular needs to be well ventilated and efficiently planned. “A second kitchen is more practical for Chinese cooking and prevents any food odours from escaping into the home.

7) Glamour in the Bathroom.
Generously luxe bathrooms allow a couple to chat over a communal counter but retreat to their own separate toilets, tubs, and showers. Ladies also adore spacious vanity areas to prep for looking fabulous. “Toto toilets with all the options, TVs and large walk-in showers with big overhead rain showers are very popular,” says McLintock.

8) Connectivity is becoming more seamless
Not only can you automate and control the entertainment, lighting, and security with a single unit, but you can also do it remotely while your in transit or away on holiday.

9) Eco-Friendly homes in Asia
Eco-Friendly homes are accepted as the only way to go, and they include everything from Solar powered panels for sustainable energy to recycled materials and improved insulation against heat and cold.

10) Spaces that Blur.
Spaces that blue between the boundaries between inside and outside make the most of a beautifully landscaped property. Outdoor fireplaces add warmth and romance to al fresco living, while acting sculptures while not in use. “We also have a line of woven outdoor furniture that can be matched with interior pieces for visual links.

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